Simplicity in a website design can be very beneficial to various companies, though it’s not very easy to achieve. If you are going to run an online store and enjoy a clean design, check our collection of simple Shopify themes. We are sure that simple styles will withstand the test of time and remain contemporary for long. Our clean Shopify themes can boast of elegant yet efficient design. Moreover, you can find appropriate website templates for different business niches. Here, you can look at the reasons to choose our themes, get some tips on how to build an online store, and explore collections of various templates.

Why Choose Simple Shopify Themes by Templateog体育首页?

There are numerous reasons why choosing Templateog体育首页 Shopify themes with simple design is advantageous. Look at these reasons and make sure of it yourself.

Impressive Design of Clean Shopify Themes

Although Shopify clean themes are very similar to the templates in minimal style, these templates have got their peculiarities. Similarly to minimalist Shopify themes, simple Shopify themes are characterized by the elegance of design. However, unlike minimal Shopify themes, clean templates can have various elements. Moreover, white color is dominant in clean and simple Shopify themes.

Choosing a Shopify simple theme by Templateog体育首页, you will be able to focus visitors’ attention on the content. The clean style will perfectly emphasize the products of your store. Additionally, due to the absence of extra elements, the website created with a simple Shopify theme will have a faster loading speed. So, clean design positively influences the functionality of an online shop.

Remarkable Variety of Niche-Specific Templates

We know that many businesses opt for a clean website design nowadays. That’s why we are constantly updating collections of simple Shopify themes to suit the needs of online stores. It doesn’t matter what niche interests you most of all. Our web developers and designers have created numerous templates that will meet your requirements. If you want to run several online stores, you can also choose a multipurpose Shopify template. For instance, with Multify Multipurpose Online Store Shopify Template, you get pre-made pages for fashion, fishing, building materials, electronics, and other kinds of stores.

Understandable Admin Panel

Managing any store requires careful consideration and attention. Similarly, building an online shop needs attention to many details. To facilitate the process of creating an online store, we have included an intuitive visual builder in our clean Shopify themes. Thus, when you are launching your online shop, it will be easy to understand how to change elements and adjust the template to your needs.

Furthermore, there is a multitude of guidelines and tutorials to assist you in working with your Shopify theme simple design. You don’t need to have coding skills to add products or manage the categories of your online store. The admin panel will prompt you in this.

Various Customization Options

To make your online store unique, you can adjust your template as much as you like. Our simple Shopify themes can boast of advanced customization options, so you may experiment with the style as much as you like. Firstly, if you don’t like the dominant white background color, you can edit it, adding a hue or reducing its brightness. Secondly, you can choose from various google fonts to customize the typography of your store. It is easy to match the style of your online shop with your brand.

Moreover, it is possible to edit the layout of your store. You can add or remove any blocks you wish, adjusting the store to your product specifications. Briefly, only your imagination can limit the variations of Shopify themes simple design.

Responsive Layout of Simple Shopify Themes

As mobile shopping is becoming more and more widespread, it is vital to have a version of a store that works well with mobile devices. Knowing this, our team has created clean themes Shopify designs with a responsive layout. If your site features a responsive design, you can be sure that your webpages will adjust to different screens and browsers. Our responsive Shopify themes aim to provide users the best shopping experience. Thus, it doesn’t matter if people visit your online store via a desktop computer or any mobile device. Your website will adjust to the screen and guarantee the smooth work of the store.

Ajax Cart of Clean Shopify Themes

A shopping cart is one of the most important elements of an online shop, as it leads customers to their purchase. Thus, an easy-to-use and understandable shopping cart will help you to retain clients. At Templateog体育首页, we are continually enhancing users’ experience. So, we have included an Ajax cart in our Shopify templates. While using this cart, people will be able to change options without reloading the page. Specifically, the cart allows for editing the number of items that customers want to buy. Moreover, while shopping, customers will be able to continue choosing goods when they add an item to their cart. The theme will not redirect people to the cart, letting them choose more products.

Product Sorting Options

Customers often use a search form instead of browsing the shop catalog and categories. Thus, it is crucial to show relevant search results that will satisfy people. Using simple Shopify themes, you give clients the possibility to filter products in search results. Our clean Shopify themes let you add different tags to your goods. So, users will be able to sort items by multiple criteria. Mainly, you can let people choose goods by color, size, brand, etc.

Moreover, it is possible to show the newest or the most popular products. Definitely, you can enable sorting by price and show customers the cheapest or the most expensive items. In any case, providing users with multiple sorting options helps them to find a suitable product faster.

Product Quick View of Simple Shopify Themes

To reduce the impatience of visitors, you can add a quick view of your products. So, people won’t need to click on the button, go to the product page, and then come back to the catalog if they don’t like the item. With the product quick view, customers will get the necessary details about the product faster. Thus, they will know specifications about the goods without visiting the product page. Customers will be able to choose items more quickly, without losing their time on going to many product pages. Consequently, the satisfaction of clients will lead to the growth of sales at your store.

YouTube Integration Options

You can also benefit from showing videos of your products on your site. Having YouTube integration options, our clean Shopify templates let you easily insert a link to the videos on YouTube. Instead of reading descriptions of products, shoppers will get the possibility to look at the item in real life. Even a short video is capable of demonstrating the features and benefits of goods. Besides, connecting your online shop with a YouTube channel improves your presence on the Internet. People can use different ways to come to your store, and YouTube is only one of them.

Create Online Store with Simple Shopify Themes Easily

We have made a lot of effort to ensure the best style and functionality of online stores with our Shopify themes. Paying attention to the necessary elements and recommendations below, you can launch your online store and start selling goods in a couple of days.

Choose and Adjust the Style of Your Clean Shopify Theme

Start with deciding on the style of your store. Browse the collections of themes that correspond to your business peculiarities and choose the template that fits your ideas. Then, after purchasing the template, you are ready to install and edit it. Customize all the elements you need, adjust the layout, change colors and typography if required. Remember that the simple design of the theme aims to emphasize your products, so improve background and color schemes wisely. Furthermore, try to avoid adding extra elements that will overload your store and interfere with the clean design of the template.

Organize Store Collections and Catalogs

Undoubtedly, it is necessary to create a shop catalog and organize your products into collections. If customers understand how to find goods in your store, it will be efficient. Thus, think of creating proper collections of goods. Also, it is necessary to place navigation elements on your site wisely.

Using simple Shopify themes by Templateog体育首页, you will be able to create outstanding product catalogs and collections. Furthermore, dropdown menus included in the themes will assist you in arranging your goods. You can add categories and subcategories of products in your store. If you prefer, you can opt for a dropdown menu, too.

Arrange Product Carousels and Slideshows with Clean Shopify Themes

The clean design of our Shopify themes also lets you use the available space to the best advantage. Particularly, you can benefit from the widgets that the themes contain. You can arrange your products expertly with the help of product carousels and slideshows. Not only are these widgets space-saving, but they also make shoppers engaged. People will see several products organized appealingly. Thus, you will be able to attract attention, advertise goods, announce sales, etc.

Utilize Product Badges

Labeling products is useful for many reasons. First of all, you can apply badges to products at different times. Thus, you will be able to show the goods on sales, for instance. Secondly, you can inform people of new items or hot offers with the use of these signs. So, people will know about exclusive suggestions or special prices.

Moreover, product badges can add to the store design. Being highly customizable, product badges let you choose the necessary colors, shadows, frames, etc. If you don’t want to change the simple store design, you can add emphasis to certain goods with the help of labels.

Get Advantage of Featured and Related Products

With simple Shopify themes, you will be able to prompt visitors and encourage them to buy goods. To do this, you can demonstrate featured and related products on your store site. Consequently, when shoppers are looking for some goods, they will also notice the items that you display. Moreover, the easiness of use will let you choose the preferred layout for items. Particularly, you can show them in groups and adjust their size.

Create a Blog with Clean Shopify Themes

A stylish blog will bring you a lot of advantages. Firstly, you can provide advice to people and recommend specific goods to them in your blog posts. Secondly, you can include product reviews and give additional information on the particular features of goods. This will let you keep the design of your product pages simple and not overloaded.

Moreover, you can give shoppers a possibility to comment on your blog posts. Thus, the users’ engagement will increase, and you will make people stay on your store page longer. Besides, with social share options, you can significantly promote your online shop via blog posts. Precisely, if customers have an opportunity to share content via various social media, improving the presence of your store on the Internet.

Add Contact Details

Running an online store means satisfying people’s needs and answering their inquiries quickly. With the simple Shopify themes, you also get an opportunity to provide customers with a fast way to contact you. Precisely, you can include an efficient contact form. Shoppers will be able to submit the form quickly and leave their message to you.

Moreover, you can indicate your offline store location, marking it on a Google map. Also, you can give visitors a chance to contact you via email or phone. In short, providing various contact details improves the communication between you and clients, giving more credibility to your store.

Collections of Clean Shopify Themes

Check numerous collections of our Shopify themes and find your perfect clean and simple design. Some of our templates include:

5 Newest Simple Shopify Themes 2024

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Pureleaf Organic Shopify Theme 49 28
New Skin - Cosmetic Store eСommerce Clean Shopify Theme 69 8
Suppump - Plumbing Multipage Classic Shopify Theme 69 4
Fishmaster - Fishing Store Multipage Modern Shopify Theme 69 0
Tasset - Fashion Store Multipage Modern Shopify Theme 69 4

Creating and Managing Online Stores

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Enhancing Your Clean Shopify Theme

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