WordPress Themes for Business Services

Our team made all efforts to create a marketplace where anybody could find exactly what he’s looking for to launch a website. Do you need to launch a corporate portal? Maybe you want to run a big retailer of fashion apparel? We want to enable everyone to realize his own potential and the most daring plans, providing a wide choice of free and premium business WordPress templates. Let our business themes be a starting point for your success story.

Key criteria for selecting the best business WordPress themes

Whatever project you wish to launch, a website is still paramount in a current digital environment. Even an offline business requires its own website to share the information on its services or goods across the entire world in a matter of seconds. Do you want to put down a strong foundation for your business in the future? Craft a website, which will transmit your business philosophy, attract more Internet users, and sell your goods. Trying to choose the best business WordPress theme you need to know that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Each business is unique and has its own requirements. Though, there are some core criteria that are necessary for any website.

  1. Use WP templates with 100% customization to craft a superb site, which is so powerful and unique as your brand. Do you want to receive full freedom for your creativity and your brand concept development? Basically, you can customize every single aspect of a template or use the design, which you can see at the demo. Build and manage your brand reputation, using our themes and implementing the latest web design trends.
  2. Expand the limits of your business, using countless features, plugins and widgets, the existence of which you don’t know yet. There are a variety of useful options that are necessary for various business micro-niches. Our business website WordPress themes are jam-packed with great features to help you stay in touch with your clients, share your updates and ensure the smooth running of your business process. Adjust payment gateways, use numerous ready-made layouts of a product catalogue, inform about your sales with the help of popups and newsletters, configure shipping options, and the loyalty system for your clients without hassle. Benefit from an intuitive drag-and-drop builder, enjoying the process of your website management.
  3. UX design is one more core concern for any site. Every single detail of our themes is carefully thought out to create a comfortable atmosphere to make your users feel welcome. Besides, using a myriad of options, you can tune each step of your site navigation finely. Nothing should distract your users from completing the order. Bring the usability to perfection and let your users fall in love with your website.
  4. Be confident you reach and engage the vast majority of users whatever the gadgets they use. Currently, mobile media is the most essential channel to reach users, because most smartphone users have their phones within arm’s reach all day long. Since our WordPress themes for business are absolutely mobile-friendly, their design and code will adapt to any gadget. You can be sure that all vivid banners, beautiful sliders and other visuals look perfectly on different screen sizes.
  5. SEO gives an excellent opportunity for every business to win in the competing dogfight. Thanks to search engines smaller companies have just as much power as giant retailers to get the attention of the audience. Receiving higher ranking and driving more traffic to your web resource you get a great opportunity to convert it into the sales. All our themes are SEO optimized, so you can create a website with all necessary functions and characteristics to get the love of search engines and boost your web traffic.

Startup business WordPress templates collection

Check out our business website WordPress themes collection to come across a real gem, which perfectly matches your project demands. All you need to do is to choose the business category of the theme, its design, completely JS or HTML plus JS animation and functionality. We split our WordPress business Themes into the detailed subcategories:
IT WP Themes;
Security WP Themes;
Agriculture WP Themes;
Environmental WP Themes;
Law WP Themes;
Transportation WP Themes;
Hotels WP Themes;
Industrial WP Themes;
Maintenance WP Themes;
Media WP Themes;
Cryptocurrency WP Themes;
Finance WP Themes;

What kind of websites can you do with our WordPress Themes for Business?

The templates that we represent in this category are workable for any kind of business. There are more than 1000 items, and you can find something suitable for your line. All of the corporate themes are different, so you will be able to create a unique and inimitable website for the niche that you have. Here are some examples of kinds of business that you can do with the represented WordPress Themes for Business:

  1. IT Solutions. The team of professionals has created a number of splendid and modern templates for this category. To show your expertise in IT solutions, you need to attract clients via a fresh website. The color schemes of most of these templates are blue and white. People often associate these colors with technical jobs.
  2. Marketing company. If you are an owner of a great marketing company, it's essential to demonstrate what you can do via your website. It should be light, attractive, and bright. Ensure that with the represented templates, you will be able to impress every client.
  3. Financial cooperation. We have a lot of well-structured designs for the financial niche. Good looks may increase the number of clients and attract new ones. You may also use the website to give important information or make financial consultations online.
  4. Consulting company. For such types of companies, it's important to have online websites. It will help you give all the details about how you work, what you do, which team you have, and which consultations you provide. All the designs for the consulting structure are clean and user-friendly.
  5. Others. You might also check others types of business such as Advertisement, SEO, Advertisement, Loans and Mortgage, Industrial companies.

How to filter WordPress Themes for Business?

The choice of the templates is diverse and manifold. It's difficult to select the right one if you don't use filters. Feel free to filter WordPress themes using these criteria:

  1. Page Builder. Our developers have used Cherry Framework to build some templates. If you are familiar with this type of builder, ensure that you may find a perfect choice for your needs. In other cases, we recommend choosing Elementor or WP Bakery editors. They are user-friendly and easy to work with. It's a great choice for newbies.
  2. Topics. As you see, we have some diversification. You may find these topics: IT, Secure, Agriculture, Environment, Law, Transportation, Hotels, Industrial, Maintenance, Media, Financial, and others. Including the fact that there are more than 1000 Business templates, it's better to determine your line and filter that.
  3. Tags. The items that we represent are SEO-friendly. It's possible to select the right one using a tags filter to make your work with SEO easier in the future. They are business, company, services, agency, corporate, consulting, marketing, and so on.
  4. Color. The ready logo will help you with this search. Determine the most often-used colors and use filters. Via color scheme, you may influence people. The green tone makes customers more relaxed and calm; the blue one talks about the technical sphere; dark colors attract more serious clients. Play with tones to make your website better.
  5. Features. For example, if you need to have a parallax effect, you don't need to check every theme; just use a filter. We have such filters as One Page, Multipurpose, Background video, MegaMenu, Lazy Load effect, Online Store, and much more.

We do our best to make your work with the template easier. Stay with us!

Free or Premium Corporate WordPress Theme?

Of course, when it comes to starting a business, you don't want to spend a lot of money. You're looking for ways to economize money, do what you can do by yourself, and get something cheaper or for free.

We have Free and Premium items, and you need to understand the difference between the two of them.

First of all, it's technical support. Assistance from specialists helps all in all basic questions. You feel more confident when you're sure that there is someone that you can reach to get help, especially if you are new here. It's also good to know that you don't need to spend more money in the future to hire a technician. With our Premium themes, you get free support. You may be in touch with our support agents via chat or email. Free items don't have this option. We don't provide any technical assistance for free templates. If you require help with your website, we will be able to guide you only for an extra fee.

Secondly, a variety of designs. You may find about 20 free templates in this category, and they are very limited. If you want to get an attractive and modern design, you need to check the Premium items. We provide more choices for your line of business so you can be sure that your website will be unique.

Thirdly, the quality of the templates. The developer's team attentively creates every Premium design with all the needed features included. You will get a lot of functionality, and you won't need to spend money in the future to expand it.

Feel free to join our chat to ask the pre-sales agents about the difference between the chosen templates.

When you purchase the template, it comes with all the functionality that you may see on the demo. You don't need to pay for that additionally. Here is a listing of top features of our WordPress Corporate Themes:

  • Responsive design. Every template works well with any device.
  • SEO-friendly. It's for increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic.
  • Fully editable. You may change every part of the corporate templates.
  • User-friendly. Easy for the clients to read the text, check the pictures and find useful content.
  • Cross Browser. The website will be visible in any browser.
  • Documentation and tutorials. You will get clear instructions on installing the template, editing it, adding your content, and so on.
  • Technical Support. Every paid theme comes with free technical assistance. You might join the chat at any time, and our professionals will assist you.
  • Updates. When you receive the template, you also get all the updates, so your website will always be fresh.

We are happy to work for you to satisfy all your needs and requirements. Thank you for being with us!

A multi-use business theme video tutorial

This drizzling startup template with Woocommerce support is a universal business tool for different niches. Choosing this trendy design you will be thrilled about your website features.

WordPress Themes for Business FAQ

For which types of businesses can I use WordPress themes?

It doesn’t matter if you need a landing page or a corporate website. You can find a theme literally for any micro-niche. Templateog体育首页 offers 2000+ ready-made solutions, and most of them are multi-functional. That means you can select any one you like & use it for your own business.

What is Business WordPress theme development?

Behind the development of business WordPress templates is creation of code, page layouts, functions and so on. You do not need to pay a programmer, designer, project manager, as well as deal with html and css. By the way, you have no wait too long and can see what you get at the preview.

What does it mean to be SEO friendly and why that is important?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of a website promotion for increasing its positions in a web search engine’s results. The higher rank of a website drives the increased web traffic, which will be converted into the sales. SEO friendly templates are tailored to meet special requirements of search engines algorithms. Thus, you can create a search engine optimized site without the help of a SEO specialist.

How to handle WordPress business themes customization?

This process depends on build-in functions of the theme and what kind of changes you need to do. You can follow the traditional scenario and use a Customizer in your WP dashboard, benefit from everybody's favourite drag-and-drop solution, or edit the theme’s code directly. Either the Templateog体育首页 Service Center can deliver you a full customization service for your website.

Can Business WordPress themes be customized in the intuitive visual mode?

Absolutely yes! There's a number of drag-and-drop editors to modify your theme in the intuitive visual mode. You can try working with Gutenberg, Elementor or Visual Composer.

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