Dark Black Background Texture
Dark Black Background TextureDark black texture background. Luxury design elements can be easily customized, changed very easily, and use for your own work.Features: — Size: 1820x1214 — 300 Dpi...
Abstract White Grunge Texture Background
Abstract White Grunge Texture BackgroundAbstract grunge white texture. Luxury design elements can be easily customized, changed very easily, and use for your own work.Features: — Size: 1820x1214...
250+ 4K Background Images
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Golden shiny grunge background
Golden shiny grunge backgroundGolden texture background. Luxury design elements can be easily customized, changed very easily, and use for your own work.Features: — Size: 1820x1214 — 300 Dpi...
Abstract shiny gold texture background
Abstract shiny gold texture backgroundGolden texture background. Luxury design elements can be easily customized, changed very easily, and use for your own work.Features: — Size: 1820x1214 —...
Abstract shiny golden texture background
Abstract shiny golden texture backgroundGolden texture background. Luxury design elements can be easily customized, changed very easily, and use for your own work.Features: — Size: 1820x1214 —...
Luxury shiny golden texture background
Luxury shiny golden texture backgroundGolden texture background. Luxury design elements can be easily customized, changed very easily, and use for your own work.Features: — Size: 1820x1214 —...
Classic Aesthetic Gradient Background
Gradient combined with abstract blurred waves and retro style rough texture overlay. For amazing and modern designs for your projects, such as websites, brochures, posters or social media.
Doodle - About Us Background
Looking to add some creativity to your "About" web page? Then this doodle template. The About Us Doodle Background Web Template has more than 30+ Vector that can be edited in Illustrator

Backgrounds to Download - JPG, PSD, SVG, AI formats

Background templates are highly appreciated across the web.

Their popularity can be attributed to their versatility and ability to be adapted to any type of format or content.

Whether to create a presentation, business card, or even a cover for your social media profiles, backgrounds can help you make each of them more original and eye-catching.

Having a unique background will help you distinguish your content or overall business from the others, making it more memorable and strengthening the brand identity.

Thus, as you can imagine, unique backgrounds can benefit you in many ways.

To get the desired result, backgrounds, other than having linear design, should be high-definition and resolution. To guarantee these elements, it is required to use professional programs, which often require experience and money.

A beginner, or an inexperienced person, may be unable to use this software effectively. If this describes your situation, you may explore other options. You can, for example, buy ready-made backgrounds.

Backgrounds at Templateog体育首页

Across the Templateog体育首页 marketplace, you can find several backgrounds designed by experts from all around the world.

Each of them is available in a specific format and presents an original design, with different colors, shapes, illustrations, and graphics. You can choose the one that best suits your preferences and perfectly matches your brand identity.

Although all the backgrounds are ready to use, most of them are customizable and editable. Thus, even if you don’t find one that reflects your desired design, you can change it later by using some compatible editing programs.

Because there might be thousands of backgrounds, the choice might be hard. In such a case, you can filter the results by color, price range, file format, program compatibility, last time updated, and so on. This way, you’ll get only the results you’re interested in, saving time.

What to use backgrounds for

Ready-made backgrounds are versatile and can be used for different purposes. You can place them wherever you need or like the most. They’ll easily adapt to any type of content and format. The following are some of the most common uses:

  • presentations;
  • advertisements;
  • banners;
  • books;
  • business cards;
  • flyers;
  • video calls;
  • brochures.

File formats

Backgrounds are available in many formats. Each format is specifically designed to perform a specific function. Thus, based on your intended use, you may want to choose one over another. Here are some of the most common file formats you can encounter across the marketplace:

  • JPG;
  • JPEG;
  • PSD;
  • PNG;
  • EPS;
  • AI;
  • PDF.

How to edit backgrounds

Most of the backgrounds you’ll find throughout the website are editable and customizable. You can use some compatible editing programs and change colors, shapes, or the overall design. Here are some of the most popular software you can use:

Most common background template uses

As previously mentioned, background templates can be used for several purposes, as they can easily fit different contexts and format sizes.

Below we listed some of the most common background template uses you can take inspiration from.

Backgrounds for Zoom and Microsoft Teams

E-meeting platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams allow you to change the background to show while you’re on a video call. Whether you’re on a formal or informal call, you can choose an appropriate background to differentiate and make you stand out.

Backgrounds for computer and phones

Whether you want to personalize your computer or phone background, you can do it by choosing from the thousands and thousands of templates available online.

Backgrounds for quotes

If you like to share quotes and have a related page, you can customize them using a unique background for every post. This way, you’ll be able to build a brand and personalize your page.

Backgrounds for social media posts

Having a unique background to use for most social media posts will help you make your brand identity stronger. Users will remember your style more easily and recognize it across the web and platforms.

Image backgrounds

You can also use background templates to edit and personalize your images. You may need to use some appropriate editing programs, online tools, or apps to accomplish this.

How to choose the right background template

When presented with thousands and thousands of background templates, choosing the right one for your needs might be difficult. If this is your case, you can shortlist the results by taking into consideration some important details.

To help you out, below we listed some relevant tips that will surely help you with the final choice.

Look for something new

Your primary goal is to differentiate your background content style from the existing ones. Especially when it comes to publishing it, thus, you should try to find a never-seen-before background. This way, you’ll be able to make your content more memorable and eye-catching.

Strive for simplicity and minimize distractions

Simplicity is always the best policy. Regardless of the background you want to use, it must be simple and free of distractions. This is especially important when adding texts, illustrations, and other elements to it. The presence of distracting elements could cause users to lose interest in other important information.

Keep color psychology into consideration

You may have already heard about color psychology. Each color is capable of transmitting different emotions and sensations. As an example, blue encourages trust and competence, while yellow promotes creativity. Thus, based on the type of content or the business you run, you may want to choose the most appropriate colors.

Editable and customizable

Choosing a template doesn't mean you won't edit and customize it in any way. Instead, most of the ones you’ll find across the web and the Templateog体育首页 marketplace are editable. You can change the colors, shapes, or overall design according to your preferences or needs using compatible programs.


You may want to use a background template and adapt it to multiple format sizes (social media posts, covers, presentations, and so on). In such a case, the background template needs to be responsive. The responsiveness will allow you to scale the image up or down indefinitely while keeping its original definition and resolution. This will allow you maximum flexibility with its re-usage.

Benefits of using background templates

Many reasons explain why many people prefer to buy or download background templates rather than designing them by themselves. And the most important advantages are not related to appearance only.

Below we listed some of the most relevant advantages you can benefit from.

Time and money savings

By purchasing pre-made background templates, you will be able to save time and money you would otherwise spend on designing them or hiring an expert web designer. You can use the templates straightforwardly and make changes in a few minutes.

Original and professional look

Most of the templates are designed by experts. Thus, they all have a professional and original look. That means they convey trustworthiness and competence to your business or personal brand.


Most of the background templates are unique. Thus, you’ll avoid getting designs that are widely used across the web and platforms. As a result, users will be more likely to remember your content, and they will be able to associate the design with your brand.

Versatility and multi-use

Background templates can be used and adapted to different format sizes and types of content. In this way, the same background template can serve multiple purposes and can be tailored to fit any size, saving you time and money.

Backgrounds Unlimited Download with og体育首页ONE

Buying a lot of backgrounds separately can be expensive and time-consuming if your projects require more than one. A subscription to the og体育首页ONE plan might be the most convenient and appropriate solution in such a case. The program allows you to download an unlimited number of backgrounds and other digital graphics.

Backgrounds FAQ

What is a background template?

A background template is a customizable background design crafted by professional designers with the proper content layouts for your projects.

What is the best program to create a vector background?

Adobe Illustrator is the best program to create a vector background. It offers a wide range of tools that will enable you for a perfect and detailed creation.

How to change the background on Zoom?

If you want to change the background on Zoom, follow these steps:

  1. launch the Zoom app;
  2. click on the settings icon on the right corner;
  3. click on backgrounds and filters;
  4. click on the “+” button and then “Add image”;
  5. select and add the image.

How to add a custom background to Microsoft Teams?

  1. Go to More [...] option while on-call;
  2. Select apply background effects;
  3. Click Add New option;
  4. Preview and click apply.

How to change Whatsapp background wallpaper?

  1. Go to Settings;
  2. Click on Chats, then Wallpaper;
  3. Tap on Change;
  4. Click on My Photos;
  5. Select and confirm the image.